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Domestic Cleaning

We offer domestic cleaning for your home, your car and your children’s toys, car seats, nursery and more. Click below to find out more.

Every day, families fight a constant battle against an array of grotty and determined critters that take pleasure in making us very sick.

The way we see things, it’s either you, or them. There’s no question here of cohabitation. No cosy toleration. No half measures. You need a treatment that will do the job properly, killing 99.9% of all known bugs without the need for harmful detergents.

  • Here are some disgusting facts to make your tummy turn…

  • The average kitchen is home to 7.5 BILLION GERMS (that’s about the same number of people on the planet)

  • Salmonella bacteria remain a potential threat for FOUR YEARS

  • The cold virus can survive for THREE DAYS on an unwashed surface

  • An ecoli bacterium can still infect you some 16 MONTHS LATER

  • The MRSA superbug will live for SEVEN MONTHS unless exterminated

Why Use Steam?

Quite simply, because steam cleaning is cleaner, safer and easier.

Steam gets the job done properly.

  • We kill 99.9% of all known bacteria without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Our unique cleaning system will cut through and remove the worst dirt, grease and grime
  • Nowadays, all hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, vet’s surgeries and care homes insist on steam for the right level of sanitation
  • Our stainless steel machines are ideal for food preparation areas, hospitality and pharmaceutical environments
  • We are the first and best cleaners dedicated to using steam for all aspects of your cleaning needs in the Harrogate/Leeds/York area
  • A steam cleaner works by using ordinary tap water to produce powerful, super-heated dry steam. As a result, almost any surface can be cleaned and sanitised, accurately and quickly.
  • In recent years, three million steam cleaners have sold throughout Europe
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